What are Chemical Burns

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January 29th, 2023

What are Chemical Burns?

You recently received a package that you’ve been anticipating from a beauty supplier. Dying to try the newest line of skin-care, you open the box and grab the little canister inside. After twisting the lid off, you scoop a blob of the thick cream and massage it into your skin. You follow the directions thoroughly and cover your face with your new moisturizer.

Within a few minutes, you start to feel a burning sensation all over your face. You rush to the sink and quickly wash the skin-care product off with soap and water.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns like this are most likely to occur from products with a high acidic base. Chemical burns can also occur from faulty products created by companies who do not research chemicals and throw ingredients together to make a quick dollar.

Chemical burns happen when there is damage done to the skin’s tissue from strong acid or caustic chemicals. Chemical burns are also called caustic burns.

If you have sensitive skin and are prone to irritation, your injuries could be worse, especially if you use a product with a lot of acid.

According to Dermatologist, our skin has a protective fatty outer layer called the lipid. This fat barrier has two main functions or jobs to protect the skin: it keeps water in the skin and keeps harmful things such as environmental factors (wind, heat, UV rays) and harsh chemicals out.

For those with sensitive skin, this protective layer is most often times thinner or weaker, which is the reason that person’s skin gets irritated and inflamed quicker. Harsh chemicals can penetrate through the skin faster because the lipid is thinner. If you have sensitive skin, it is no fault of your own.

Hiring an Attorney

If you’ve been severely injured by chemical burns from a product, contact an attorney to discuss what can be done to help prevent this from happening to other people. Also, it’s only right for you to be compensated for your injuries.

Hiring an attorney can help you build a case against a company who sells or manufactures faulty products or products with intensely harsh chemicals. Cases such as this happen frequently.

Hiring an attorney won’t reverse the damages done, but they can prevent future damages to customers who buy the product and help you win your case.

If you’re looking to building a case and filing a lawsuit, look into hiring a lawyer that specializes in these specific situations, attorneys that deal with chemical burns lawsuits. Simply search for burn injury attorney near me and find a reputable attorney in your area.