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There were hundreds of bankruptcy filings in Athens, Alabama last year. There are over 1 million bankruptcy filings nationally each year. The average US household has over $16,000.00 in debt. In 2011, 62% of all personal bankruptcies had a medical cause. One of the main purposes of Bankruptcy Law is to give a person, who is hopelessly burdened with debt, a fresh start by wiping out his or her debts. So if you’re having financial concerns and considering bankruptcy we can help you decide if bankruptcy is the right solution for you. Our Athens bankruptcy lawyers keep abreast of ever-changing federal bankruptcy laws and provide our clients with the best, most current advice. The right choice in legal help can make a difference as you begin to build a better tomorrow. Call Ferguson & Ferguson. Our Athens, Alabama attorneys are here to help you with your debt. Call 256-350-7200.