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I Have Been in a Car Accident. What do I do?

If you become involved in an auto accident, stay calm and act responsibly. Here are some guidelines you must follow if this accident has occurred in the State of Alabama. • Stop your vehicle safely, out of the flow of … Continue reading

Huntsville Truck Accident Safety Tips That Can Save Your Life

We all know that accidents involving trucks can be physically devastating to those unfortunate enough to be involved in them. Trucks are bigger and harder to control than ordinary passenger vehicles. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, large … Continue reading

Chance Richard Rollan Killed at Road Construction Site

One of the more hazardous jobs in America is being a “flagman” on a road construction site. Most of us take the drivable surface of the road and safe shoulder area for granted and road repair and resurfacing is viewed by … Continue reading

Joel Matthew Hicks Charged With Domestic Violence

Domestic relations can quickly deteriorate into domestic violence. An after-dinner discussion can turn into an argument, and argument into a scuffle and before you know it things can get completely out of hand. What one moment seems like a logical … Continue reading

Jason Ryan Hughston Killed in Auto Accident

Jason Ryan Hughston of  Talladega was killed  in an automobile accident early this morning when the Chevrolet S-10 he was driving left the road and struck a utility pole. According to Alabama State Troopers investigating the accident, the crash happened at … Continue reading

James Edward Helton Killed in Hit and Run Accident

Pedestrian hit and run accidents are amongst the worst felonies because when you hit a pedestrian and fail to stop you are denying the victim the necessary aid that could save that person’s life. How could someone be so thoughtless and … Continue reading

Michael Harville Killed in Pickup Truck Accident

When one pictures a dangerous highway in their mind, images of a dark, poorly lit road  or a narrow, sharp curve along a mountain side come to mind. But is was a newly-surfaced stretch of straight, flat highway, the scene of … Continue reading

Darin Voudrie Killed in Truck Accident

Darin “Voodoo” Voudrie, of Trussville Alabama, was killed on Friday the 13th of February, 2015, when the dump truck he was driving attempted to cross the railroad tracks located at the intersection of Brasher Road at Hagood Road in Kimberly, and … Continue reading

Insurance Company Adjusters Work Against You After an Automobile Accident

The job of an insurance company adjuster is to settle the claim against their company quickly and for the least amount of money possible. They are experienced in asking questions that are seemingly friendly but in fact are designed to … Continue reading

Judy Lingerfelt Killed in Auto Crash With Log Truck

Judy Lingerfelt, 65, of DeKalb County was killed in an automobile accident involving a log truck on the outskirts of Rainsville early Wednesday evening. According to an Alabama Law Enforcement Agency accident report, other’s involved in the wreck were 75 year old Sherman … Continue reading