Financial problems often go hand in hand with divorce and family problems. Financial problems create a strain on marriages. Further, after couples divorce, it can be difficult paying your bills and adjusting to living on one income. It is not uncommon for recently divorced people to consider starting over by filing bankruptcy.

If you are facing overwhelming debt because of a divorce and want to get control of your finances, talk to one of our Huntsville bankruptcy attorneys today. We offer free consultations. During your consultation, we will discuss your situation and advise you on whether filing bankruptcy is best for you.

When bankruptcy and divorce occur at the same time, their may be conflicting legal issues and questions, such as:

  • Can my spouse and I jointly file for bankruptcy while we are going through a divorce?
  • How are joint debts separated if I file for bankruptcy and my spouse does not?
  • If I file for bankruptcy, do I still need to pay child support?
  • Are spousal support obligations discharged in bankruptcy?
  • My home is facing foreclosure. Will we lose our equity in our divorce?

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