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Buying Automobile Insurance In Alabama

Most of the people who have automobile insurance don’t fully understand what they are purchasing and what the sections of their policies mean. These are the specific types of protection you purchase as part of your policy; some examples include … Continue reading

Driving at Night Causes Automobile Accidents

Auto accidents are the number one cause of death for people between the ages of 1 and 34. Unlike an airplane crash that kills one hundred or more people at once and makes headline news, most automobile accidents kill only … Continue reading

Elementary School Bus Crash Re-kindles Memories of 2006 Fatal Accident

Twelve students age elementary school to fourteen years old were take to a local hospital emergency room with non-life threatening injuries after the school bus that was taking them home from school overturned on Enterprise Road around 3:30 pm on … Continue reading

Seat Belt Saves Life of 16 year old Nicholas Benjamin

Chalk one up for seat belts. Three young teenagers and an Elmore County Sheriff’s deputy died this past Thanksgiving in a night collision on Firetower Road in Wetumpka. Austin Ray Augustine, 16, of Wetumpka, was killed as well as 16-year-old … Continue reading